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Jordy's single "Falling" is an amuse-bouche for more stories through sound waves coming soon. 


A newcomer to the music scene, Canadian actress Jordy Benattar has a distinct sound hard to compare to anything else you’ve heard before. Described as “enchanting”, “delightful”, “soothing”, and “carefree”, Jordy Benattar is a breath of fresh air. 

Storytelling through art has always been part of Jordy’s journey. As an actress in film and television, Jordy's performances have earned her a CAMIE Award, a Young Artist Award Nomination, and a Gemini (Canadian Screen Award) Nomination for Best Leading Actress in a Drama or Mini-Series.  

Musically inclined and eager to write her own 'script', Jordy started writing songs where she gets to play the character she knows best: herself. 

Influenced by nature, life experience, growing pains, quotes that make us look within, and world-changing events that make us look out, Jordy has a unique way of pouring universal feelings into mellow, magnetic music.  

A natural melody-maker and lyricist, Jordy is most interested in collaborating with creatives who bring a different sound than she does to the studio. Keen to write for producers and other artists, she views the songwriting process like a chemistry experiment, where different elements combine to produce something completely new.  

A songwriter dancing on the matrix of indie, folk and the softest of pop, Jordy Benattar’s music feels like the most honest conversation you’ll ever have.

Enchanting vocals”

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    Character And Morality In Entertainment Award (What Makes a Family)

    Gemini (Canadian Screen Award) Nomination for Best Leading  Actress In A Drama or Mini-Series (Charlie & Me)

    Young Artist Award Nomination for Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special - Leading Young Actress (Charlie & Me)



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